2015-11-28 12:00:00 GMT+01:00


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1200-1800 Small market
1200-1300 Workshop crafting bike tire bracelets
1200-1500 en 1530-1630 Photo corner
1300-1800 Craft table with jewelry and bracelets
1300-1800 Tea duelling table hosted by BB Blackdog (UK)
1300-1345 Lecture “What is steampunk” by Dankaert Lexicon
1400-1500 Performance Daniel Malheur (Berlin, GER)/Dale Rowles (UK)
1400-1700 Workshop hat making (stage in the cafe) by Steampunk Heaven
1500-1530 Group picture
1530-1630 Performance Feline & Strange (Berlin, GER)
1700-1800 Performance The Dark Design (UK)
1830-1930 Fashion show “Oh, marisha” (GER), Maskarada (NL) and ES Styling/design (NL)
1930-2230 Afterparty with DJs Eddy Hally (NL) and Pixiebeats (UK)
2230-2300 END DAY 1


1100-1700 Market
1100-1200 Circus workshop Juggling
1200-1300 Circus workshop POI
1100-1600 Photo corner with Bernard Bodt
1100-1700 Crafts workshops table
1200-1300 Workshop Character writing by Dankaert lexicon
1300-1400 Performance Daniel Malheur/Dale Rowles
1400-1430 Lecture about making Absinth plus ritual
1430-1500 Tea duelling finals
1500-1600 Performance Feline & Strange (heavier set)
1600-1630 Group picture
1630-1700 END

Welcome to the website of Emporium Vernesque! Emporium Vernesque is a Dutch Steampunk event which focusses on bringing together people with an interest in Steampunk. Emporium Vernesque provides an interesting programm where music, shows, workshops, games, fashion and art play an important role. The fourth edition of Emporium Vernesque will take place on Saturday November 28th AND sunday november 29th 2015! It is the first year we will have a two day programme, with different activities on both days. Keep an eye on the website if you want to know all the ins and outs of Emporium Vernesque 2015!

In the video above you can see what Steampunk means and what our event has to offer. Did you miss this edition of Emporium Vernesque and are you interested what to expect next year or were you there and do you like to feel the steamy vibe again? Please check out our  photogallery or the Emporium Archive for all other photo and video material!