Emporium Vernesque 2012 a huge success!

After months of preparation with some thresholds and obstacles but also with a lot of fun we’re a bit lost since November 11th. Suddenly the stress and preparation is over, the first edition of Emporium Vernesque is a fact and it was a huge success! We’re overwhelmed by the positive comments, the happy faces and the enormous amount of photos and video material!

A honest thank you to all awesome visitors for participating to (what we think is) one of the best events of the year! Next to that we’re very thankful for all special, musical, enthusiastic acts who were willing to take a risk at this new festival and offer our visitors a complete and diverse program and therefore a very successful line-up! And of course our fantastic and hard working group of volunteers: helping out at a new and unknown event and being as crazy as we are: without you Emporium Vernesque would not exist!

In the coming weeks we will add links to various photo and video material on our website and of course we will start with preparations to organize a second edition of Emporium Vernesque in 2013 which will be at least as much fun as the 2012 edition. Will we be seeing you again?

Dick, Tessa & Femke