About us

Emporium Vernesque is organised by a team of enthusiastic creative people. All have a direct or indirect link with the Steampunk genre. In 2011 they decided to organize a new festival which focusses completely on the Steampunk genre and at November 10th 2012 the first edition of Emporium Vernesque was a fact.


Tessa is the main creative force who, next to organizing Emporium Vernesque, also works for different events , like Coalescaremonium (BE), Gala Nocturna (BE),  Danse Macabre (GER)  and the Wageningen LEEF festival LEEF. Next to these activities she also works as a teacher, a model and creates various acts as an entertainer/performer.


In his daily life Dick is self-defence instructor. Next to that he is also working as sound engineer and stage manager (last production “Theatre equation”). For Emporium Vernesque Dick is co-organiser and head of volunteers. Dick also was the tattooed man in the Steampunk garden of Castlefest 2012.

Contact info:

General Questions: tessa@emporiumvernesque.com

Bands: tessa@emporiumvernesque.com

Press: info@emporiumvernesque.com

Exhibitors: vendors@emporiumvernesque.com

Volunteers: dickzwart@emporiumvernesque.com

Workshops: tessa@emporiumvernesque.com

Website: tessa@emporiumvernesque.com