1200-1800 Small market
1200-1300 Workshop crafting bike tire bracelets
1200-1500 en 1530-1630 Photo corner
1300-1800 Craft table with jewelry and bracelets
1300-1800 Tea duelling table hosted by BB Blackdog (UK)
1300-1345 Lecture “What is steampunk” by Dankaert Lexicon
1400-1500 Performance Daniel Malheur (Berlin, GER)/Dale Rowles (UK)
1400-1700 Workshop hat making (stage in the cafe) by Steampunk Heaven
1500-1530 Group picture
1530-1630 Performance Feline & Strange (Berlin, GER)
1700-1800 Performance The Dark Design (UK)
1830-1930 Fashion show “Oh, marisha” (GER), Maskarada (NL) and ES Styling/design (NL)
1930-2230 Afterparty with DJs Eddy Hally (NL) and Pixiebeats (UK)
2230-2300 END DAY 1


1100-1700 Market
1100-1200 Circus workshop Juggling
1200-1300 Circus workshop POI
1100-1600 Photo corner with Bernard Bodt
1100-1700 Crafts workshops table
1200-1300 Workshop Character writing by Dankaert lexicon
1300-1400 Performance Daniel Malheur/Dale Rowles
1400-1430 Lecture about making Absinth plus ritual
1430-1500 Tea duelling finals
1500-1600 Performance Feline & Strange (heavier set)
1600-1630 Group picture
1630-1700 END


Drustan Durman (Copperfield ensemble, UK)

Dance performances:

JuulVictoria (NL)
Anne Nammu (NL)

Circus themed art expo by Lindy vd Bosch