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Akvelds Artisanale Absinthe

This unique distillery will give a lecture on the production of absinthe and will accompany this with images of their own production process. She will also demonstrate the absinthe ritual AND hold a exclusive tasting and sale of this product in our venue. Seize your chance of obtaining your own bottle of this unique, hand made beverage.

Akvelds: The only artisanal Absinthe produced in the Netherlands.
Since 2005 (under the name of Hellfrich Absinthe) a dutch absinthe is sold. On a social care farm in the Betuwe (Herveld) every distillation resulted in 15 litres of this divine drink.
From 2005 to 2010 by Serge Helfrich and later on (from 2010 to 2014) by Ton Akveld.
In the second half of 2014 the distillery was moved tot the west of Holland (Poortugaal) and is now in a temporary location in a backyard barn.
We still use the traditional “alambiek” with a 60 litre content.
Since 2014 2 new distillers have taken over from the master, that is still watching over our shoulders.

Jan Douma en Sjaak Voois

Our two kind of absinth:
VerteThe Verte: a very green absinthe with an alcohol percentage of 68%
Distilled from the trinity wormwood, fennel seed and anice seed and a dozen of other herbs.
Natural colouring with 3 herbs. No artificial colouring!


A test report on our “verte”:

BlancheThe Blanche: a slightly less strong absinthe with a percentage of 60% and a slightly different recipe.

A test report on our blanche:


We also have an Absinthe-liqueur . The green absinthe, sweetened with fair trade sugar and honey of our local beekeeper and with a percentage of 34%.


At Emporium Vernesque we want everyone to get acquainted with our unique Dutch made absinthe. So look for our green partytent with the fountain and come have a taste!!


Circus School Wageningen: workshop juggling and poi

Improve your circus skills during one of our workshops! Combine coordination, creativity, and movement. Poi is the Maori word for “ball on a string”. With two poi you can learn an endless amount of tricks and movements that look amazing. You will learn basic techniques and combinations of tricks. Everyone knows juggling; keep all the balls in the air and train your eye-hand coorination! In no-time you will be able to juggle three balls. The workshops are open to beginning and advanced visitors.

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Dankaert Lexicon – workshop character writing & steampunk intro

Dankaert Lexicon is the writer of steampunk blog “Tupperware steampunk”. He has written a number of short stories, including “the wheel of fortune”, which is included in the storybook “In the shadow of the Keezending”. Dankaert has written many articles on Dutch steampunk actualities and has interviewed numerous famous steampunks in Holland and abroad. At the previous Emporium Vernesque he hosted his first workshop in steampunk character writing. Due to its success he will host another writing workshop with a slightly modified program. He will also give a lecture for non-steamers and beginning steamers on the basics of steampunk, as well as insights on the steampunk scene for advanced steamers.

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Workshop hat making, by Steampunk Heaven

Steampunk heaven offers you a unique opportunity to make and decorate your own custom hat at Emporium Vernesque! We are bringing hats, charms, fabric, tule, goggles etc… so everything you need to make your own original steampunk creation. When you are ready amking your hat you only pay for the materials you used. 10 euros entry fee will be deducted on the day of the workshop as a discount. In case you do not show up you will lose the 10 euros. People that sign up for this workshop will receive a pair of basic goggles for free! For more information and registration, click here

Tea Duelling

The famous Victorian Tea Duelling will again have an arena under supervision of BB Blackdog. Everyone is free to take part.


EV will feature different workshops that are free of charge and of different nature. There will be a tinker table where you can make your own jewelry out of items donated by the lovely Elegant Curiosities. You can also make your own wristbands out of recycled inner tubes from bikes. Talk about upcyling! These workshops are free of charge, but you can donate whatever you feel like for our expenses. The hat making workshop does costs a start amount. For information, see the text above!

Steamers Lounge

Of course again there will be a sitting area where you can have a drink and bite or just take a load off. Gooische Taartjes will provide delicious cupcakes and tea on saturday. On saturday we will sell the cupcakes at our merch booth and Wortel &Cruydt will then be pouring her delicious home made teas.