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Fashion Show

This year 3 of our favourite designers will team up in our annual fashion show. The runs will be interchanged with dance performances from dance group Anne Nammu and JuulVictoria. We will make sure there will be enough seating room to enjoy the show at leasure. Afterwards there will be an afterparty with a variety of music including steampunk, electroswing, tribal and other tunes to boogy on down!


Like the previous edition of Emporium Vernesque, Maskarada will show some of her creations on the catwalk again this year. Ilse ten Broeke, the designer, will show a variety of masks, accessories and headpieces which are all made by hand. The items will be a mixture of somewhat older work and newer work but with an overall (steampunk) circus-like feel to it. For some of her new items she has been inspired by the famous Dutch painter Jheronimus Bosch, whose 500th death anniversary is remembered in the arts and culture sector this year. And under the name “Circus Jeroen Bosch ‘(phrase from the song ‘Het land of Maas and Waal’ – Boudewijn de Groot) she will take you to her world during the fashion show on Emporium Vernesque |V.


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Oh, Marisha!

Oh, Marisha! – costumier-fantasier makes historically inspired clothing and accessories with which she brings fairytale fantasies to life. Whether it are epic Gala gowns, an alternative wedding dress, something for a Victorian or Steampunk picnic, a cosplay convention, you name it. Marisha caters to all whims and dreams!

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ES Styling&design

ES Styling & Design will take part of the show with an authentic and imaginative collection. ES are the initials of Elly Schraven, the designer behind the label, who has years of experience in designing, creating and styling. ES styling & Design has shown her own unique designs before on several fashion shows and will once again entertain you with her raw creativity.

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In our stairway and corridors there will be a special art show in the Circus theme by Lindy van den Bosch. Check out her amazing work!